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Canadian soldiers practice convoy operations at Camp Lejeune, N.C.Kyrgystan soldiers carry a simulated wounded soldier to safety.Estonian soldier checks identification during  Check Point Operations.LAV's proceed through the town during a final training exercise at Camp Lejeune.U.S. Marines clear a building of hostile civilians at Camp Lejeune.
Members of Company 4 run off a C-130 Hercules at Davis Airfield.Canadian, Central Asian and Hungarian troops take charge of a simulated city.Troops from Company Six move protesters back in a civil disturbance.U.S. Marine assists a Slovakian soldier with his camouflage paint.Albanian troops are videotaped by Marines role playing as news media.
U.S. Marine explains how a M240G machine gun operates.Ukrainian Marines use a Rigid Raider to move during Cooperative Osprey '96.Ukrainian Marines show their standard issue rifle to two U.S. Marines.Baltic soldier practices recovering personnel from a mine field.Latvian soldier practices patrolling techniques at Camp Lejeune.
Military policemen demonstrate a personnel search/weapons disarmament.Romanian soldier looks around the corner during Situational Training.U.S. Marines instruct Albanian soldiers in the art of scaling buildings.Albanian soldier keeps an eye out for the 'enemy' at Camp Lejeune.U.S. Marines sight in with an M-240G machine gun at Camp Lejeune.
Hungarian troops practice crowd control during Cooperative Osprey '96.A Moldovan soldier probes for mines at Camp Lejeune.U.S. Marine collects a customs declarations form from a Romanian soldier.Bulgarian soldiers arrive at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C.Flag bearers from 19 nations rehearse for Cooperative Osprey '96.

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