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U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Hale briefs two Ukrainian soldiers on mine probing procedures.Lithuanian soldiers from Training Company 1 create a barrier in order to control a mob.Estonian soldiers crouch alongside an M923 5 ton truck as they wait for further orders.Uzbekistanian soldiers get a closer look at mines and explosives as part of situational training.U.S. Marine Cpl. Mark instructs a Latvian soldier on firing an M-16A2 service rifle.
Polish Capt. Andrzaj Stanek instructs the Lithuanian soldiers of Training Company 1 on routes to patrol.Polish soldiers run out of a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter at Landing Zone Bluebird.Romanian soldiers form a line across the field as they practice riot control procedures.A Ukrainian soldier uncovers a buried simulated mine during Exercise Cooperative Osprey '98.Ukrainian soldiers keep their weapons trained on the door as one soldier searches a Bulgarian truck.
Kazakstan soldiers listen to U.S. Marines as they hold a class on the 5 ton truck.2nd Lt. Michael Hall shows Kazakstan soldiers how to break down a 9 mm pistol.U.S. Marines in riot gear build a human wall in a riot control class.U.S. Marines demonstrate the proper procedure for subduing and handling rioters.Four Latvian soldiers keep a sharp look out in the Military Operations in Urban Terrain facility.
One Polish soldier covers another as he frisks a captured enemy aggressor at Landing Zone Coot.Two Polish soldiers show a group of Marines their Polish made AK-47 7.62 mm rifle.Flag bearers stand on the parade field at Camp Lejeune for the opening of Cooperative Osprey '98.

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