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Members of the 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade, negotiate their way to the Tactical Assembly Area.An aggressor attacks the Combat Communications Squadron compound at Camp Humphreys.Airman Arruda Keolani directs an AV-8 Harrier on the flight deck of the USS Belleau Wood.Lt. j.g. Diane Quattrone gives course and rudder orders to the helmsman on the USS Germantown.U.S. Army 1st Lt. Thomas Nelson uses a terrain model as he briefs the platoon commanders.
Sgt. Tith uses a steel bar to tighten one of the turnbuckles holding an M-3 Bradley.Staff Sgt. Mike Abbott has his gas mask adjusted by Senior Airman Scott Humphries.Senior Airman Rivera is loaded on a truck during a simulated chemical attack.Chaplain Maj. Rodney Lindsay talks to a soldier after performing a Protestant worship service.An LAV is driven off of the MV Sgt. William R. Button in Pohang for Foal Eagle '98.
Lance Cpl. Zimmerman and Cpl. Garcia inventory a vehicle on the pier at Pohang Harbor.The USNS Pollux off-loads vehicles and equipment for Exercise Foal Eagle '98.The USNS Pollux off-loads vehicles and equipment for Exercise Foal Eagle '98 in Pusan Harbor.A U.S. Army Modular Causeway System transports equipment from the USNS Pollux.Mr. Richard Troxell installs an Omni Tracs satellite transmitter onto a Humvee.
One U.S. Army M-113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier tows another off the USNS Pollux.A soldier directs the driver of an M-1A1 Abrams onto a flat bed railroad car.Spec. Daphne Wright directs the flow of vehicles being off loaded at the port of Pyongtaek.Sgt. Anthony Spencer checks the serial number of Pvt. Paul Grebinger's M-16A2 rifle.

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