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Royal Australian Navy Able Seaman Uri Kurop prepares for a night dive.Marine M-1A1 Abrams backs onto a U.S. Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion.A U.S. Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion flies off the coast of Camp Pendleton.Marine Harrier hovers over the deck of the USS Peleliu.Soviet bloc armored vehicles add realism to Exercise Kernel Blitz 97.
Soldiers dig a trench as one of the obstacles on Red Beach at Camp Pendleton.U.S. Navy LCAC lines up to enter the well deck of the USS Denver.Regimental Landing Team One Humvee is directed down Red Beach.Amphibious assault vehicles approach the heavily obstructed Red Beach.Combat engineers detonate demolitions on Red Beach.
M-1A1 Abrams tank uses a mine plow to breach obstacles on Red Beach.

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