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Hagel, Saudi Arabian National Guard Minister Meet at Pentagon Hagel Meets With Qatar Defense Affairs Minister at PentagonHagel Visits Fort Campbell, Ky.Hagel Observes Weapons Training on Camp Lejeune, N.C.Hagel Addresses Troops on Fort Irwin, Calif.
Hagel Addresses Reagan Defense ForumHagel Announced Nuclear Enterprise ReformsHagel Begins Domestic TourHagel Addresses Airmen on Minot Air Force Base, N.D.Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Testifies Before the House Armed Services Committee
Hagel Greets Veteran at Veterans Day EventHagel Meets With Danish Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Meets With Tunisian Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Welcomes Albanian Defense Minister to PentagonHagel Hold Press Conference at Pentagon
Hagel Speaks at Washington Ideas ForumHagel Meets With Kerry, South Korean Leaders at State DepartmentHagel Welcomes South Korean Minister to PentagonHagel, South Korean Minister Sign Memorandum of UnderstandingHagel, South Korean Minister Brief Reporters at Pentagon
Hagel Meets With Israeli Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Meets With Chinese State Councilor at PentagonSecretary shakes hands at a USO eventHagel Meets With Spanish CounterpartHagel Pins Medal on Outgoing Marine Corps Commandant During Ceremony

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