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Hagel Meets With Estonian Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Welcomes Czech Republic's Defense Minister to PentagonHagel Speaks at Signing Ceremony for Human Goals Charter at PentagonHagel Meets With Guatemalan President in Guatemala CityHagel Meets With Defense Counterparts in Mexico City
Hagel Participates in Defense Ministerial in Mexico CityHagel Tours Special Operations Command on Fort Bragg, N.C.Hagel Arrives in Mexico City for Defense Ministerial MeetingHagel Sees DARPA Innovations at PentagonHagel Discusses DOD Safe Helpline in Washington, D.C.
Hagel, Polish Defense Minister Hold Press Conference at PentagonHagel Meets With Chilean Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Welcomes U.N. Secretary-General to PentagonHagel Talks With Icelandic Foreign Affairs Minister at PentagonHagel Participates in Military Ceremony in Mongolia
Hagel Holds Photo of Gift Horse in MongoliaHagel Meets With Mongolian Prime MinisterHagel Meets With Chinese State Councilor in BeijingHagel Tours Noncommissioned Officer Academy in BeijingHagel Eats Lunch With Chinese Officers, Students at Beijing Academy
Hagel Meets With Chinese President at Great Hall, BeijingHagel Attends Honors Ceremony in BeijingHagel Meets With Chinese Defense Leader in BeijingHagel Travels to Qingdao, China, Visits AircraftHagel Reviews Japanese Troops During Arrival Ceremony

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