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A Patriot missile roars off the launch pad during Exercise Roving Sands '97.Opposing forces set up a SCUD missile site for Exercise Roving Sands '97.Navy Airman Otis Miller performs pre-checks on a S-3 Viking.Senior Airman Dyer provides operator assistance for Exercise Roving Sands.Three F/A-18 Hornets are hot refueled at Roswell Industrial Air Center.
Vehicles of a Patriot missile battery are ground-guided to their next site.Maj. Clark Burtch points out the operating area for his flight of F-15 Eagles.Staff Sgt. Williams critiques soldiers on their reaction to a aerial chemical attack.MI-24 Hind attack helicopter simulates ground attacks on an air defense site.KC-135 Stratotanker refuels a F-16 Fighting Falcon in the skies over New Mexico.
F-16 Fighting Falcons fly in a two ship formation before beginning a bombing mission.F-16 Fighting Falcon returns from a Roving Sands '97 bombing mission.German Master Sgt. Janzen flies over the Roving Sands '97 bombing range.Chief Warrant Officer Myke Lewis positions his night vision goggles.Soldiers from the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade load a Patriot missile.
Airman Wallace Holden directs the pilot of a U.S. Navy EA-6B Prowler.147th Aviation Battalion vehicles arrive by train at Biggs Army Airfield.Two members of the 225th CCS set up a TRAC-170 Wideband System.Staff Sgt. Knight drags a power cable from a Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Terminal.The 225th Combat Communications Squadron sets up for Roving Sands 97.
Air Operations Center at Fort Bliss comes alive for Exercise Roving Sands 97.U.S. Army train conductor checks the coupling and hoses of a locomotive.U.S. and Dutch soldiers unload vehicles from a train at Roswell.Cpl. van der Zouw signals a truck forward during train unloading at Roswell.

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