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U.S. Army M-109 Self-propelled Howitzer rolls through the streets of Zupanja, Croatia.Lance Cpl. Exley and Sapper Dawson check the placement of explosive charges.Seabees hit the mark with a portable floating pier at Freshwater Beach.Vehicles are unloaded from a Maritime Prepositioning Force ship for Tandem Thrust '97.Lance Cpl. Quiroz releases a chain to unload a truck from the M.V. 1st Lt. Jack Lummus.
U.S. Army parachutists jump out of an Australian DHC-4 Caribou.Australian 107th Battery, 4th Field Regiment deploys for Tandem Thrust '97.U.S. Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion hustles to Freshwater Beach.U.S. Marines race down the beach at Freshwater Beach, Rockhampton, Australia.