United States Department of Defense United States Department of Defense


Works Speaks at McAleese/Credit Suisse Conference in Washington, D.C.Work Meets With Council of Governors at PentagonWork Meets Nuclear Enterprise AirmenWork Examines Construction of New Navy Mobile Landing PlatformWork Speaks at 2015 Western Conference
Work Arrives on West CoastWork Departs for West CoastWork Visits Blood Donation Efforts at PentagonWork, Winnefeld Discuss 2016 Budget ProposalWork Speaks at Awards Ceremony for Combined Federal Campaign
Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work speaks with airmen on Tyndall Air Force BaseWorks Visits Florida Base to Meet With Leaders, TroopsWork Attends King Observance at PentagonWork Hosts Farewell Ceremony for Director Retiring After 42 YearsU.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Greets Japanese Self-Defense Forces Chief
Work Meets With Indonesian Armed Forces Chief Work Attends Northcom, NORAD Change of CommandWork Thanks Troops in AfghanistanWork Arrives in Afghanistan to Visit the TroopsWork Serves Troops During Thanksgiving Dinner
Work Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner With TroopsWork Meets With South Korean Vice Defense Minister at PentagonWork Participates in Defense One Summit in Washington, D.C.Work Meets With Pakistani Army Chief of Staff at PentagonWork Meets With Canadian Counterpart

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