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A Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey comes in for a landing at the Pentagon.Visitors surround a Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey at the Pentagon.U.S. Marines search for trails left by intruders during a jungle patrol on Fort Howard, Panama.Petty Officer 3rd Class Chris Lugo checks the weight of a 2-year-old Kenyan child.A U.S. Marine Corps M-1A1 Abrams main battle tank churns the sand at Camp Lejeune.
The crews of two Amphibious Assault Vehicles wait for orders after emerging from the surf.U.S. Marines take cover in some trees during Exercise Battle Griffin '99 in Norway.Cpl. Walsh allows a Haitian mother and son through a security checkpoint.Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Marcus takes care of a filling in a Haitian woman's tooth.Lance Cpl. Marino uses a mirror to inspect under a truck before admitting it into Camp Fairwinds.
U.S. Marines fast rope from a CH-46E Sea Knight to the flight deck of the USS Boxer.U.S. Marines on the USS Wasp rehearse a Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel mission.Marines pause during a security patrol to check their position at Shoalwater Bay, Australia.Lance Cpl. Marlow quickly establishes communications at a landing zone in Shoalwater Bay.A Marine fires a Shoulder Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon at Townshend Island, Australia.
Cpl. Michael R. Parker fires a GAU-17 mini-gun to provide close air support at Shoalwater Bay.An Owl MK II Unmanned Surface Vehicle cuts through the waters of Mile Hammock Bay.Cpl. Tyler Latiolais watches for hostile Riverine Assault Craft and Rigid Raiding Craft.U.S. Marines jump out of Rigid Raiding Craft as they begin a raid on the New River shoreline.U.S. Marines attack role-playing terrorists during a tactical maneuver demonstration.
A Navy doctor assesses the condition of a casualty during a field exercise at Camp Lejeune.U.S. Marines move away from CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters at Landing Zone Coot.Two Marines maneuver their way through the Military Operations in Urban Terrain facility.Marines are nearly obscured by smoke as they maneuver through the MOUT facility.U.S. Marines fire a TOW missile on the firing range at Fort Pickett, Va.

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