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Example of the leaflet recently dropped from U.S. aircraft over Afghanistan.48th Rescue Squadron's Pave Hawk helicopter arrives in Kuwait.A Tomahawk cruise missile launches from the USS Shiloh.USS Shiloh (CG 67) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile against Iraq.U.S. Navy aviation ordnancemen load Sidewinder and Phoenix missiles on an F-14 Tomcat.
Pentagon Briefing Slide, Sept. 4:  New No-Fly ZoneMaintenance crewman walks the wing of a U.S. Air Force B-52Post-mission maintenance performed on U.S. Air Force B-52.A B-52 Stratofortress is met by maintenance crew at Andersen AFB, Guam.USS Laboon launches Tomahawk cruise missiles to attack selected targets in Iraq.
USS Laboon launches a Tomahawk cruise missile from the aft launcher.A Tomahawk emerges from the vertical launcher in the bow of the USS Laboon.

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