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Marines conduct post flight procedures on four CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters.President Bush speaks to U.S. soldiers and troops from other NATO nation in Kosovo.President Bush shakes hands with  American soldiers during his  visit to Camp Bondsteel.President Bush shakes hands with  American soldiers during his  visit to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.Pvt. Mary Anne Tillen measures a local woman's blood pressure in a schoolhouse at Mucibaba, Kosovo.
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Zakheim responds to a reporter's question during a press briefing.Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Dov S. Zakheim responds to a reporter's question during a Pentagon press briefing.Polish, Ukrainian and American soldiers unload boxes of clothing from a CH-47 Chinook in a field near Drenova Glava, Kosovo.A soldier reaches up to touch a CH-47 Chinook helicopter as he and his fellow soldiers prepare to sling load a container from Camp Bondsteel.Staff Sgt. John J. McCarthy, U.S. Army, and his interpreter talk to a Kosovar Serb man.
1st Lt. John Slevin, a U.S. Army physician's assistant, checks the face of an elderly Serbian woman.North Dakota Army National Guard Sgt. Tammy Nesheim hands out pens and pencils to students in a schoolhouse in Kosovo.Spec. Jerry Qualley, of the North Dakota Army National Guard, hands out coloring book pages to students in Kosovo.President Clinton has approved establishment and award of the Kosovo Campaign Medal.Soldiers from the 10th Polish Infantry Battalion wait in formation before boarding a C-17 Globemaster III at Ramstein.
Soldiers from the 709th Military Police Battalion in Humvee's make their way through a hostile crowd in Sevce, Kosovo.A Military Police squad from the 709th Military Police Battalion crosses a bridge in Sevce, Kosovo.65th MP Company secures road from Stublina, Kosovo.Stublina, Kosovo, houses searched for illegal weapons.Search for insurgency groups conducted in Kosovo.
65th MP Company participated in Kosovo contraband search.Soldiers from the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment and United Nations' police move down a muddy alley way in Mitrovica, Kosovo.A young girl is amused to find U.S. Army soldiers lined up against the walls of her house in Mitrovica, Kosovo.Lt. James Slevin evaluates the eyes of a local man in Gornje Kosce, Kosovo.A Gypsy woman from Nova Brdo, Kosovo, thanks Capt. Peter Buckley for the medical attention.

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