United States Department of Defense United States Department of Defense


Secretary of Defense   (2602)
Hagel Meets With Chilean Defense Minister at PentagonHagel Welcomes U.N. Secretary-General to PentagonHagel Talks With Icelandic Foreign Affairs Minister at PentagonHagel Participates in Military Ceremony in MongoliaHagel Holds Photo of Gift Horse in Mongolia
Deputy Secretary of Defense   (584)
Fox Meets With Icelandic Foreign Affairs Minister at PentagonFox Welcomes Spanish Defense Leader at PentagonFox Delivers Remarks at War CollegesFox Addresses Students, Faculty at George Mason University, Va.Fox Speaks at American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff   (514)
Dempsey Visits Canadian Counterpart in Ottawa, OntarioDempsey Speaks at Military Child Awards Gala in Arlington, Va.Chairman Speaks at TAPS Gala in Washington, D.C.Chairman Teaches Ethics Class at Naval AcademyChairman, First Lady Invite Military Families to Muppets Movie Screening at White House
Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff   (17)
Winnefeld, Wormuth Testify on Quadrennial Defense Review Before HouseVice Chairman Testifies Before Senate Armed Services CommitteeGen. James E. Cartwright salutes during the playing of the national anthem.Gen. James E. Cartwright addresses the audience at a farewell ceremony held in his honor.Gen. James Cartwright addresses a crowd of more than 300 students.
Portraits   (70)
Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta.Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration/DoD Chief Information Officer Teresa M. Takai.Dr. Charles L. Rice.Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs Marcel J. Lettre II.Deputy Director for Mission Assurance Nicholas Torelli.