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Operation Allied Force   (391)
Staff Sgt. Charles Howard gives his son a piggyback ride upon returning home to Boise.Vice Adm. Clark explains the after action review process of U.S. participation in Allied Force.Deputy Secretary Hamre answers a reporter's question on the after action review process of Allied Force.Vice Adm. Clark explains the Allied Force after action review process at a Pentagon press briefing.Deputy Secretary Hamre answers a question on the after action review process of Allied Force.
Joint Task Force Rita   (4)
U.S. Army HUMMV's are loaded onto the USNS Pililaau (T-AKR 304).Military personnel load hundreds of meals, ready to eat and water onto a CH-47 Chinook helicopter.A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter takes off from Ellington Field, Texas.U.S. Army Sgt. Steven Giersch unloads meals, ready to eat from a UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter.
Operation Atlas Response   (2)
An MC-130P Combat Shadow flies over South Africa en route to a reconnaissance mission of damaged roads in Central MozambiqueAn MH-53M Pave Low IV approaches an MC-130P Combat Shadow for in-flight refueling over flooded Central Mozambique.
Operation Desert Fox   (48)
Gen. Zinni briefs reporters at the Pentagon on his assessment of Operation Desert Fox.Gen. Zinni briefs reporters at the Pentagon on Operation Desert Fox.Air traffic controllers on the USS Enterprise guide the strike aircraft in and out of Iraq.Bomb damage assessment photo of the Al Kut Barracks West-Northwest, Iraq.Bomb damage assessment photo of the Shahiyat Liquid Engine Research, Development and Testing Facility, Iraq.
Operation Desert Strike   (12)
Example of the leaflet recently dropped from U.S. aircraft over Afghanistan.48th Rescue Squadron's Pave Hawk helicopter arrives in Kuwait.A Tomahawk cruise missile launches from the USS Shiloh.USS Shiloh (CG 67) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile against Iraq.U.S. Navy aviation ordnancemen load Sidewinder and Phoenix missiles on an F-14 Tomcat.
Unified Assistance   (86)
Eriona Underwood hugs her father Petty Officer 2nd Class Erik Underwood.Navy Hospitalman Melissa Boutwell holds an Indonesian child.U.S. Navy Hospitalman Josh Scott organizes surgical tools.Navy Pharmacist Lt. Cmdr. Robert Dobbins helps an Indonesian man fasten a chinstrap.Navy Chief Petty Officer Patrick Nardulli cradles an Indonesian child.
Operation Joint Guardian   (76)
Marines conduct post flight procedures on four CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters.President Bush speaks to U.S. soldiers and troops from other NATO nation in Kosovo.President Bush shakes hands with  American soldiers during his  visit to Camp Bondsteel.President Bush shakes hands with  American soldiers during his  visit to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.Pvt. Mary Anne Tillen measures a local woman's blood pressure in a schoolhouse at Mucibaba, Kosovo.
Operation Northern Watch   (11)
Crews from the 94th Fighter Squadron perform an early morning foreign object damage walk down.A U.S. Air Force F-15E Eagle flies above snow covered mountains over Northern Iraq.A U.S. Air Force F-15E Eagle approaches the refueling boom of a KC-135 Extender tanker.Staff Sgt. Jay Jarvis and Senior Airman Brian Warfel transport an AIM-120 missile.An F-15E Strike Eagle approaches a tanker during a routine patrol over Northern Iraq.
Operation Pacific Haven   (8)
Airman 1st Class Hildebrand administers immunization shots to a Kurdish woman.Army Specialist interviews a Kurdish woman during processing.Pediatric Nurse Lt. Joyce Siler measures the first Kurdish refugee to become a U.S. citizen.Navy Nurse Lt. Joyce Siler examines the first Kurdish evacuee to become a U.S. citizen.Two young Kurdish evacuees eat fruit at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.
Operation Silver Wake   (5)
Military Policeman escorts a woman and her child to a waiting helicopter at Tirana, Albania.Americans board a U.S. Marine Corps CH-53 Super Stallion in Tirana, Albania.American citizens board a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter inside the U.S. Embassy housing compound.American citizens walk through a heavily guarded perimeter to board a U.S. helicopter.American evacuees walk to a U.S. Marine Corps CH-53 helicopter in Tirana, Albania.
Operation Sustain Hope   (11)
Senior Airman Justin Rhodes allows an Albanian child to listen to a compact disc player.A U.S. Air Force Red Horse bulldozer rumbles over a mountain of fill dirt alongside the Rinas Airport.Red Horse engineers smooth out gravel as they lay a pipeline to Rinas Airport.Two carpenters use a shipping crate as a work bench in cutting wood for tent floors at Camp Hope.Hundreds of tents stretch out on the plains near Fier, Albania, as the U.S. builds Camp Hope.
Operation Valiant Return   (14)
Secretary Rumsfeld briefs reporters in the Pentagon on the EP-3 collision.Secretary Rumsfeld comments on a videotape shown to reporters during a press briefing in the Pentagon on the EP-3 collision.Secretary Rumsfeld briefs reporters on the collision of the EP-3 and a Chinese fighter aircraft.Navy Petty Officer Josef Edmunds waves to the crowd welcoming him and his fellow crew members to Hickam Air Force Base.Members of the detained EP-3 crew salute as they board a chartered aircraft which will fly them from Haikou, China, to Guam.
Southern Watch   (175)
Still photograph from a videotape of an Iraqi truck-mounted, surface-to-air missile, believed to be an S-A3.Still photograph from a videotape of an Iraqi truck-mounted, surface-to-air missile.Still photograph from a videotape of an Iraqi surface-to-air missile.An F/A-18 Hornet becomes a blur as it is catapulted from the USS Kitty Hawk.An F/A-18 Hornet comes in for an arrested landing on the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).

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