Responsibility Sharing Report June 2002

E. Additional Statistics
  1. Table E-1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  2. Table E-2. GDP Per Capita

  3. Table E-3. Labor Force

  4. Table E-4. Defense Spending

  5. Table E-5. Defense Spending as a Percentage of GDP

  6. Table E-6. Funding Contributions to UN Peace Operations

  7. Table E-7. Personnel Contributions to Major Multinational Peace Operations Force

  8. Table E-8. Active-Duty Military Personnel

  9. Table E-9. Active-Duty Military Personnel as a Percentage of Labor Force

  10. Table E-10. Ground Combat Capability as a Percentage of Total

  11. Table E-11. Naval Force Tonnage as a Percentage of Total

  12. Table E-12. Percentage of Defense Expenditures Dedicated to Modernization

  13. Table E-13. Foreign Assistance


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