Rank represents the standing of a nation's efforts among the 17 nations assessed in this Report, i.e., the 15 NATO nations, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

Share refers to a nation's percentage of the NATO, Japan, and the Republic of Korea total.


GDP and Defense Spending data are depicted for 1993, using 1993 exchange rates. This is the most recent year for which complete and stable figures are available. Defense spending figures for the NATO nations (including the United States) reflect an agreed definition of total defense spending adopted by NATO.

Active Duty Military and Civilian Defense Personnel data are shown for 1993. Labor force numbers used to compute personnel as a percentage of labor force are mid-year 1993 totals.

Defense Capability Measures are ratios based on 1994 force levels and GDPs. A ratio of around 1.0 in a given category indicates that a nation's contribution and its ability to contribute are roughly in balance--that is, its contribution to the aggregate capability of all nations assessed in this Report is in line with its share of the aggregate wealth (GDP). A ratio above 1.0 suggests that a country is contributing beyond its "fair share," and conversely.

Peace Operations figures reflect 1994 data, both for personnel and funding. Personnel figures are as of December 31, 1994. Labor force numbers used to compute personnel as a percentage of population are mid-year 1994 totals. Funding data reflect contributions paid toward U.N. peacekeeping assessments during 1994. Not included are voluntary contributions by countries in support of Security Council resolutions. Based on incomplete data for 1994, these voluntary contributions are quite sizable and, for many countries, exceed the amount of their U.N. assessment payments.

Grant Aid statistics include net assistance to developing countries (ODA), as well as aid pledged to Central Europe and the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. Due to differing reporting periods for the different aid types, figures shown are cumulative over the multi-year period 1990-1993. Cumulative 1990-1993 GDPs are used to compute aid as a percentage of GDP. All figures are in constant 1993 dollars and exchange rates.

Host Nation Support/Defense Cost Sharing assessments are based on estimates for 1993 collected last year. Updated and revised figures for 1994 are now being compiled, and will be published in the full Report, to be provided to Congress separately.

Country Summaries
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