Responsibility Sharing ReportMarch 1999



This Annex is organized into five sections, described below.

Data Notes Header

The assessments presented in this Report are only as good as the data upon which they are based. The Department has every confidence that the data used for the assessments in this Report are as complete, current, and comprehensive as they can be, given the deadlines established in the legislation.

Timing and Limitations

The FY 1999 Defense Authorization Act stipulates that allies should take certain actions or achieve certain results in various indicators of responsibility sharing by September 30, 1998. Due to unavoidable time lags in the collection and analysis of the necessary data, this Report relies on statistics for 1997 and 1998. Projected data for 1999 are either not available for many key elements necessary to the analysis, or where available, are generally unreliable. The Department is therefore unable to assess countries’ performance against Congressional targets set for 1999, and – due to these time lags in data collection and analysis – will be unable to do so for another one to two years.

The FY 1999 Defense Authorization Act also requires the Department to measure the year-to-year change in nations’ responsibility sharing performance, specifically between February 28, 1998 and February 28, 1999. Because of the timing issues described above, data are simply not yet available as of this writing to permit this specific comparison. Instead, the Department has compiled relevant comparisons for the two most recent years for which complete and reliable data are available.

Data Sources

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