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Information Quality Guidelines
Department of Defense Information Quality Guidelines (IQG)
Section I – Provides context attributes, policy, procedure guidance, and terms.
Section II – Defines terms and provides context and attributes of each term.
Affected Persons
Information Disseminating Activity
Information Disseminating Product


Section II
"Ensuring the Quality of Information Disseminated to the Public"

Information Continued:

   4.1.6. Information that has previously been disseminated to the public and is subsequently presented to Congress as part of the legislative or oversight processes, including testimony of officials, and information or drafting assistance provided to Congress in connection with pending or proposed legislation.

   4.1.7. Press releases and other information advising the public of an event or activity.

   4.1.8. Procedural, operational, policy, and internal manuals prepared for the management and operations of the Component that are not primarily intended for public dissemination, including personnel notices such as vacancy announcements.

   4.1.9. Information that is not otherwise disseminated to the public.

   4.1.10. Applicability of these DoD information quality guidelines may be waived by any DoD agent, for information disseminated under urgent situations, including imminent or credible threats to national defense and security.

5.  Information Disseminating Activity.  Any organization, office, entity or activity, not limited to the public affairs activity, that provides official information directly to the public.

6.  Information Dissemination Product.  Any book, paper, map, machine-readable material, audiovisual production, or other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristic, a Component disseminates to the public.  This definition includes any electronic document, CD-ROM, or web page.

7.  Integrity.  Refers to the security of information -- protection of the information from unauthorized access or revision, to ensure that the information is not compromised through corruption or falsification.

8.  Objectivity.  Involves two distinct elements, presentation and substance.

  8.1.  "Objectivity" includes whether disseminated information is being presented in an accurate, clear, complete, and unbiased manner.  The information must also be presented in the proper context.  Sometimes, in disseminating certain types of information to the public, other information must also be disseminated in order to ensure an accurate, clear, complete, and unbiased presentation.  Also, the Component must identify the sources of the disseminated information (to the extent possible, consistent with confidentiality protections) and, in a scientific, financial, or statistical context, the supporting data and models, so that the public can assess for itself whether there may be some reason to question the objectivity of the sources.  Where appropriate, supporting data (including classified data) should have full, accurate, transparent documentation, and error sources affecting data quality should be identified and disclosed to users when possible.



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