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Information Quality Guidelines
Department of Defense Information Quality Guidelines (IQG)
Section I – Provides context attributes, policy, procedure guidance, and terms.
Section II – Defines terms and provides context and attributes of each term.
Affected Persons
Information Disseminating Activity
Information Disseminating Product


Section II
"Ensuring the Quality of Information Disseminated to the Public"

Objectivity Continued:

8.2.  In addition, "objectivity" involves ensuring accurate and reliable information, including classified information.  In a scientific, financial, or statistical context, the original and supporting data shall be generated, and the analytical results shall be developed, using sound statistical and research methods.

    8.2.1. If the data and analytical results have been subjected to formal, independent, external peer review, the information can generally be considered of acceptable objectivity.  However, this presumption is rebuttable based on persuasive showing by the petitioner in a particular instance.

        8.2.2. In those situations involving dissemination of influential scientific, financial, or statistical information, a high degree of transparency of data and methods must be ensured to facilitate the reproducibility of such information by qualified third parties.

        8.2.3. Components shall not require that all disseminated original and supporting data be subjected to the reproducibility requirement.  Components may identify those particular types of data that can practicably be subjected to the reproducibility requirement, given ethical, feasibility, or confidentiality constraints.

        8.2.4. Making the data and models publicly available will assist in determining whether analytical results are capable of being substantially reproduced.  However, these guidelines do not alter the otherwise applicable standards and procedures for determining when and how information is disclosed.  Thus, the objectivity standard does not override other compelling interests such as privacy, trade secret, intellectual property and other confidentiality protections such as security classifications.

9.  Quality.  An encompassing term comprising utility, objectivity, and integrity.  Therefore, the guidelines sometimes refer to these four statutory terms, collectively, as "quality."

10.  Reproducibility.  The information is capable of being substantially reproduced, subject to an acceptable degree of imprecision.  For information judged to have more (less) important impacts, the degree of imprecision that is tolerated is reduced (increased).  If Components apply the reproducibility test to specific types of original and supporting data, standards for replication of laboratory data shall be established.  With respect to analytic results, "capable of being substantially reproduced'' means that independent analysis of the original or supporting data using identical methods would generate similar analytic results, subject to an acceptable degree of imprecision or error.

11.  Transparent/Transparency.  The practice of describing the data and methods of developing an information product in a way that it would be possible for an independent individual or organization to reproduce the results.

12.  Utility.  Refers to the relevance and timeliness of information to its intended users, including the public.  In assessing the usefulness of information that the Component disseminates to the public, the Component needs to consider the uses of the information not only from the perspective of the Component but also from the perspective of the public.



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