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Information Quality Guidelines
Department of Defense Information Quality Guidelines (IQG)
Section I – Provides context attributes, policy, procedure guidance, (e.g. peer review) and terms.
Section II – Defines terms and provides context and attributes of each term.
Sections III – IQG Annual Reports to OMB (provided in word (.doc))


Policy and Procedural Guidance
"Ensuring the Quality of Information Disseminated to the Public"
Section I


      1.1.  Prescribes policy and procedures and assigns responsibilities for ensuring and maximizing the quality (objectivity, utility, and integrity) of information (hereafter referred to as "quality standards") disseminated to the public by the Department of Defense.

      1.2. Issues guidelines that include administrative mechanisms for affected persons to seek and obtain correction of information maintained and disseminated to the public by Department of Defense Components that does not comply with the quality standards in these guidelines as based on the OMB guidelines (Federal Register, February 22, 2002, Volume 67, Number 36, page 8452).

      1.3.  Does not provide independent authority to release information to the public.

    2. Definitions

      Terms used in this attachment are defined in Section II.

    3. Procedures

      3.1.  Underlying Principles

            3.1.1.  Technology such as the Internet enables DoD to communicate information quickly and easily to a wide audience.  However, Internet communication also increases the potential harm that can result from the dissemination of information that does not meet basic information quality standards.  At the same time, the variety of DoD information does not lend itself to detailed, prescriptive, "one-size-fits-all" DoD-wide guidelines that require different types of dissemination activities to be treated in the same manner.  These guidelines have been developed with the following principles in mind.

          The guidelines apply, in the spirit and intent of the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995, to a wide variety of DoD information dissemination activities including practices that have an impact on the acquisition, storage and maintenance of the information to be disseminated.  The guidelines are generic in order to apply to a variety of media, printed, electronic, or other forms of publication.

          Components should not disseminate substantive information that does not meet a basic level of quality.  An additional level of quality is warranted in those situations involving influential scientific, financial, or statistical information.  This additional level of quality for influential scientific, financial, or statistical analytical results requires that such information be "capable of being substantially reproduced."  This is discussed further in paragraph 3.2.3. below.



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