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News Releases are official statements of the Department of Defense. Older news releases are available using the news release archive tool. News releases are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

News Releases
12/31/2008:   National Guard (In Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of December 30, 2008
12/30/2008:   Navy to Commission Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush
12/30/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/30/2008:   DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
12/29/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/28/2008:   D0D Identifies Navy Casualty
12/26/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/26/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualties
12/24/2008:   National Guard (In Federal Status) And Reserve Activated As Of December 23, 2008
12/24/2008:   DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
12/23/2008:   DoD Releases Unified Command Plan 2008
12/22/2008:   First Minerva Research Initiative Awards Announced
12/22/2008:   DoD Announces Afghanistan Force Deployment
12/22/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/22/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/19/2008:   15 DoD Early Career Scientists and Engineers Win Presidential Award
12/19/2008:   Charges Referred Against One Detainee, Charges Dismissed Against Another
12/19/2008:   General Officer Assignment
12/19/2008:   General Officer Assignments
12/19/2008:   Marine Pilot Missing In Action From WWII Is Identified
12/18/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/17/2008:   Service Academy Gender Relations Survey Released
12/17/2008:   Flag Officer Assignments
12/16/2008:   Detainee Transfer Announced
12/15/2008:   Servicemen MIA From Vietnam War are Identified
12/15/2008:   Department of Defense Releases 2009 BAH Rates
12/15/2008:   General Officer Assignments
12/11/2008:   DoD Announces Force Adjustment
12/10/2008:   DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for November 2008
12/10/2008:   Flag Officer Assignment
12/10/2008:   National Guard (In Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of December 10, 2008
12/10/2008:   Navy to Christen Submarine New Mexico
12/09/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualties
12/05/2008:   New Accessions Pilot Program Authorized
12/03/2008:   DoD Identifies Army Casualty
12/03/2008:   National Guard (In Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of December 2, 2008
12/02/2008:   Deputy Secretary England Announces Departure
12/02/2008:   Navy Names Four Ships After American Pioneers
12/01/2008:   Sailor Missing from WWII is Identified
12/01/2008:   Statement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
General & Flag Officer Announcements
There are no General & Flag Officer Announcements available
Casualty Release
There are no Casualty Release available

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Casualty Status (PDF): The Casualty Status report is an official accounting of all fatalities endured by the U.S. Military during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation New Dawn (OND), and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). It is updated daily at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

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