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Release No: 473-96
August 08, 1996


President Clinton has signed an executive order authorizing the award of a bronze M mobilization device to be worn by U.S. Military Reserve component members who have performed qualifying active duty service in support of a designated contingency operation on or after Aug. 1, 1990.

This executive order makes approximately 282,000 Reserve and National Guard members eligible to wear the device, including those who participated in the Persian Gulf War, Operation RESTORE HOPE (Somalia), Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti) and Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR (Bosnia).

This device recognizes the sacrifice of our National Guard and Reserve people who are mobilized as part of the Total Force, Secretary of Defense William J. Perry said.

The M appurtenance will be worn on the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. The new Executive Order accomodates service for both longevity and for mobilization through the use of (1) bronze, silver and gold hourglass devices designating 10, 20 and 30 years of Reserve service; (2) the M device for service during a mobilization or contingency designated by the Secretary of Defense and; (3) an Arabic numeral indicating the number of times the M device has been awarded.

The M device was established in 1993 by the Secretary of Defense to recognize the special sacrifice in service to the Nation of Reserve component personnel who volunteered or were called to active duty in support of a mobilization or contingency.

For more information contact Lt. Col. Terry Jones at (703) 695-3620.

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