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Release No: 516-96
September 06, 1996


Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton will be the principal speaker at the christening of the Navy's newest aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) during an 10 a.m. ceremony, Saturday, September 7, 1996, at Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia. The christening ceremony will be open to the public.

The carrier is named in honor of Harry S. Truman (1884- 1972), thirty-third President of the United States. Among President Truman's notable accomplishments were ending World War II; providing economic aid and assistance to devastated postwar European countries through the Marshall Plan; promising American support of free nations against direct and indirect Communist aggression under the Truman Doctrine; and establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Mrs. Margaret Truman Daniel, daughter of the late President, is the ship's sponsor. In a time-honored tradition, Mrs. Drucie Snyder Horton, matron of honor, will break a bottle of champagne across the bow to name Harry S. Truman formally.

Distinguished guests attending the ceremony will include Virginia Senators John Warner and Charles Robb; Missouri Congressmen Ike Skelton and Harold Volkmer; Virginia Congressmen Norman Sisisky, Herbert Bateman, and Owen Pickett; Missouri Congresswoman Pat Danner; Virginia Congressman Robert Scott; the Honorable Paul Kaminski, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology; the Honorable John Douglass, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition; Admiral Jay L. Johnson, Chief of Naval Operations; Admiral William J. Flanagan, Jr., Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; Vice Admiral George R. Sterner, Commander Naval Sea Systems Command; Vice Admiral Frank L. Bowman, Chief of Naval Personnel; Vice Admiral John J. Mazach, Commander Naval Air

Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; Mr. Bill Fricks, President, Newport News Shipbuilding; and Mr. Dana Mead, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tenneco.

Harry S. Truman is the eighth of nine Nimitz Class carriers currently authorized by Congress to be built. Aircraft carriers are deployed worldwide in support of U.S. interests and commitments. They can respond to global crises in ways ranging from peacetime presence to full-scale war.

Captain Thomas G. Otterbein, a native of Bad Axe, Michigan, is the prospective commanding officer of the carrier with a crew of more than 160 officers and 3,200 sailors. The ship is 1,096 feet in length, has a waterline beam of 134 feet, a flight deck width of 252 feet, and displaces approximately 95,000 tons when fully loaded. Two nuclear reactors and four steam turbine engines power the ship to speeds in excess of 30 knots. The ship's armament includes four NATO Sea Sparrow missile launchers and four 20mm Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems mounts. An airwing of approximately 2,500 personnel will support the 80 aircraft onboard.

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