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Release No: 519-96
September 09, 1996


Members of the Armed Forces and other U. S. personnel engaged in Operation Joint Endeavor, along with local election officials, can now fax voting materials for the November 5, 1996 general election using the electronic transmission service of the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) in the Department of Defense.

This option is offered solely to ensure that all U. S. personnel in the Bosnia operation are able to exercise their right to vote. The DoD, through the office of the Secretary of Defense, is the presidential designee to provide voting assistance to all U. S. citizens overseas.

Commercial circuits and fax machines will be provided by AT&T at 16 key locations in Bosnia at no cost to the U. S. Government, or to American personnel using the fax facilities for the transmission of voting materials. FVAP Director Phyllis Taylor said, Our goal is to ensure every eligible citizen has the opportunity to vote and the ability to transmit voting material electronically helps make this happen.

Additional information regarding this fax service and voting assistance may be obtained from the director, Federal Voting Assistance Program, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Room 1B457, The Pentagon, Washington, D. C. 20301-1155; or call toll- free in the U. S. (800) 438-VOTE, or (703) 695-0663, or DSN 225- 0663; and also on the Internet: fvap@fvo.osd.mil.

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