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Release No: 129-07
February 05, 2007

Fiscal 2008 Department of Defense Budget Released

            President George W. Bush today sent to Congress his defense budget for fiscal 2008.  The budget requests $481.4 billion in discretionary authority for the Department of Defense base budget, an 11.3 percent increase over the projected enacted level for fiscal 2007, for real growth of 8.6 percent; and $141.7 billion to continue the fight in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) in fiscal 2008. 
            The fiscal 2008 Defense base budget sustains the President’s commitment to ensure a high state of military readiness and ground force strength; to enhance the combat capabilities of the United States Armed Forces; to continue the development of capabilities that will maintain traditional U.S. superiority against potential threats; and to continue the Department’s strong support for service members and their families. 
            The fiscal 2008 Global War on Terror request funds urgent needs associated with Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and other costs of the Global War on Terror; including the costs of repairing, replacing or replenishing equipment lost in combat by both the Active and Reserve Components.  
            The fiscal 2008 Global War on Terror request is consistent with the direction of Congress to include the cost of ongoing operations in the Global War on Terror with the fiscal 2008 Department of Defense Base Budget.
            Check http://www.dod.mil/comptroller/defbudget/fy2008/index.html for more details of the fiscal 2008 budget request.  Key highlights can be found in the attached document

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