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Release No: 1293-07
November 07, 2007

DoD Announces Civilian Awards

            The 52nd annual DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Awards and the 3rd annual DoD David O. Cooke Excellence in Public Administration Award were presented in a Pentagon ceremony on Nov. 7, 2007 by Gordon England, Deputy Secretary of Defense. The ceremony was hosted by the director, administration and management, Michael B. Donley.
            The DoD David O. Cooke Excellence in Public Administration Award recognizes a DoD employee with three to ten years of federal service who occupies a non-managerial DoD position and exhibits great potential as a future federal executive. This employee will emulate Cooke’s dedication to service while helping to effect and promote cooperation and improvement in the department. The recipient of this award was Joshua R. Fairley, Department of the Army. Fairley is responsible for researching in the Countermine Phenomenology, Joint Anterrorism/Force Protection and Antiterrorist Barrier programs.
            The DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Award (DCSA) is the highest DoD-level award that a career civil servant can earn. This prestigious competitive award recognizes career employees at all levels for their exceptional contributions. Nominees must have shown exceptional devotion to duty and extremely significant contributions of a broad scope in the operation of DoD. The following DoD employees received this award:
            William Mackie, deputy division chief, Engineer Division, OSD/Joint Staff; Michael Krieger, director of Information Policy, OSD/Chief Information Officer; Ellen Embrey, deputy assistant secretary of Defense (Force Health Protection and Readiness), OSD/Personnel and Readiness; Hari Bezwada, director of the Information Technology Systems Project Office, Department of the Army; Reed Mosher, technical director for Survivability and Protective Structures, Army; Pasquale Tamburrino, assistant deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Logistics and Readiness, Department of the Navy; William Borger, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Department of the Air Force.

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