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Release No: 066-97
February 13, 1997


The Secretary of Defense announced today that the Department of Defense will end or reduce operations at seven European installations as a result of the latest round of base and force realignment actions. This round includes six installations in Germany and one in Turkey.

The phrase "return" means the entire installation is vacated by U.S. forces and returned to the control of the host nation. The phrase "partial return" means some of the facilities on the installation are retained by U.S. forces.

The following installations are scheduled to be returned to the host nation:


Ayers Kaserne , Kirchgoens

Ruppertsweiler Warehouse, Pirmasens

Gablingen Kaserne, Augsburg

Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg

Fryar Circle Family Housing, Augsburg

Sullivan Heights Family Housing, Augsburg


Pirinclik Air Base, Pirinclik

In addition, the previously announced disposition of the following installations in Germany will change from partial reduction in operations to return:

Najbollenbach Storage Area

Deuringen Training Area

Lechfeld Training Area

Centerville Family Housing Area

Cramerton Family Housing Area

Carpenters Park Family Housing Area, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, was returned to the host nation in September 1996. Giessen General Depot, Germany, will be retained by U.S. forces. These actions will take place between now and the end of 1998, and will affect approximately 2,900 U.S. Army soldiers and 1,370 Air Force members in Europe. The return actions will close all U.S. Army facilities in the Augsburg area and result in the moves of five major units.

The U.S. government is not reducing its commitment to Europe. The affected host nations are vital U.S. allies and key regional partners with the U.S. These realignments are taking place worldwide. To date more than 800 European locations have been closed, reduced or placed on standby.

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