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Release No: 111-09
February 20, 2009

DoD Announces New Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations

The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced the selection of 15 Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations (JCTD), including seven new starts and five rolling starts for fiscal 2009, as well as three rolling starts that began at the end of fiscal 2008.
                JCTD combine innovative operational concepts with maturing technologies to rapidly meet the urgent needs of joint combatant commanders and warfighters in the field. The JCTD program is designed to fast-track cutting-edge solutions to military challenges by providing funding and other resources earlier in the traditional two-year DoD budget cycle. Included in this agile acquisition cycle is a flexible “rolling” start process which can address urgently needed combatant command-driven capabilities throughout the fiscal year.
                These new JCTD focus on protection, information, knowledge, focused lethality, and timely, actionable intelligence.
Fiscal 2009 New Starts :
Common Ground — interoperable joint/coalition geo-enabled C2 enterprise information solution to achieve unity of adaptive planning, execution and effects among C2 enclaves.
-          Combatant Command/User: JFCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Army
Cooperative Security Engagement — provides a system and associated operational concepts for the planning and assessment of combatant commander theatre security operations.
-          Combatant Command/User: SOUTHCOM, EUCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: SOUTHCOM
Daily Watch — addresses the utility of an L-band synthetic aperture radar broad area coverage system for the Department of Defense.
-          Combatant Command/User: EUCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: National Reconnaissance Office
Joint Medical Distant Support and Evacuation — provides battlefield casualty care support with precision medical supply, telemedicine for battlefield reach back, and automated battlefield casualty support and evacuation systems.
-          Combatant Command/User: JFCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: US Army Research Development and Engineering Command
Joint Recovery and Distribution System — family of trailer systems, which enables multiple mission profiles during joint deployment, sustainment, and recovery/retrograde operations.
-          Combatant Command/User: TRANSCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Army
Mission Assurance Decision Support System — combines hardware and software system to conduct real-time and predictive assessments on the operational impacts due to a disruption (natural or man-made) in the global information grid and its supporting commercial infrastructure.
-          Combatant Command/User: STRATCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Defense Information Systems Agency
Precision Acquisition and Weaponized System — integrates low-collateral damage weapons with tactical unmanned aircraft assets to effectively neutralize asymmetric threats.
-          Combatant Command/User: SOCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: SOCOM
Fiscal 2009 Rolling Starts :
(Rolling starts are approved as JCTD new starts that are in final program definition phase)
Counter-electronics High Powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project — high-powered microwave counter-electronics weapon.
-          Combatant Command/User: PACOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Air Force
Distributed Tactical Communications System — communications suite that enables over-the- horizon (OTH), on-the-move (OTM), beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) C2 capabilities to disadvantaged users.
-          Combatant Command/User: CENTCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: TBD
Joint Multi-Effects Warhead System — long-range weapon system that provides increased flexibility and lethality in denied environments against hardened targets.
-          Combatant Command/User: SOCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Navy
One Box–One Wire — connects multiple networks to a single workstation and replaces multiple network interface cards (NICs) with a single NIC to mitigate space and resource requirements.
-          Combatant Command/User: CENTCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: TBD
Riverine and Intercoastal Operations — integrates surface, subsurface, shoreline and littoral sensors and distribution of the sensor data into surveillance and communications networks to provide the joint and coalition warfighter a persistent riverine presence.
-          Combatant Command/User: SOUTHCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
Fiscal 2008 Rolling Starts :
Critical Runway Assessment and Repair — evaluates and integrates capabilities to conduct rapid airfield damage assessment, determine minimum airfield operating surface, identify unexploded ordnance, and repair runway damage to enable critical airfields to rapidly return to operation.
-          Combatant Command/User: PACOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Air Force
Future Immersive Training Environment — provides reinforced squad training capability with integrated, interoperable, immersive elements.
-          Combatant Command/User: JFCOM
-          Transition Service/Agency: Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization
National Senior Leadership Decision Support System — provides joint collaboration and rapid decision making among widely dispersed senior leadership, COCOMs and federal agencies.
-          Combatant Command/User: Joint Staff
-          Transition Service/Agency: DISA

                Project oversight of all 15 JCTD is conducted by the office of Advanced Systems and Concepts as part of the Defense Research and Engineering directorate http://www.dod.mil/ddre. Additional information on the JCTD program is available online at http://www.acq.osd.mil/jctd .

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