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Release No: 217-09
April 03, 2009

DoD Releases Updated E-Learning Standard

The Defense Department announced today the 4th edition of its Web-based e-learning standard, used by government, commercial and international agencies, allowing organizations to easily exchange online learning, training and educational content.  Known as the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004, this e-learning standard ensures the learning experience and performance data tracking is consistent in the distribution of training courses via the Internet, and allows for online collaboration between users.


SCORM 2004 4th Edition provides a significant step forward for the department—and e-learning communities in general.  The proper use of SCORM reduces training time or training costs by a third, by encouraging organizations to reuse established content and reformat that content for their needs,” said Robert Wisher, director of the ADL Initiative.  The updates represent a technical achievement for the Defense Department and our many users, and I’m very pleased we’ve met this important milestone.”


Developed by the department and in collaboration with industry and academia partners, SCORM has become a de facto government, international and commercial standard.  Dozens of vendors have developed products that comply with SCORM.  The 4th edition corrects previous system defects, adds enhancements that were a direct result of community collaboration, and increases SCORM’s interoperability across learning management systems.


More information on SCORM can be found at http://www.adlnet.gov . The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative was established in 1997 to standardize and modernize the delivery of training and education across DoD and other federal agencies.  It is a collaborative effort to harness the power of information technologies to deliver high-quality, easily accessible, adaptable, and cost-effective education and training.


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