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Release No: 286-97
June 05, 1997


The 1997 Department of Defense Value Engineering Achievement Awards were presented today during a ceremony held at the Pentagon. The awards were made by DoD's Director of Test, Systems Engineering and Evaluation Patricia A. Sanders.

Value engineering is a systematic functional analysis leading to actions or recommendations to improve the value of systems, equipment, facilities, services, and supplies. The objectives are to improve quality and to reduce cost. The annual awards are intended to recognize significant achievements in value engineering during the past fiscal year and to further the use of value engineering by DoD personnel and its contractors.

During the last fiscal year, 4,010 in-house value engineering proposals were accepted with a reported savings of $673 million. Another 166 contractor-initiated value engineering change proposals were accepted with an additional savings of $93 million.

The value engineering award program is a highly visible acknowledgment of exemplary achievements and encourages additional projects to improve in-house and contractor productivity. An award winner from each DoD component was eligible for selection in the following seven categories: (1) program management, (2) individual/team, (3) procurement/contract administration, (4) value engineering professional, (5) field command, (6) installation, and (7) contractor. Additional "special" awards were given to recognize innovative applications or approaches that expanded the traditional scope of value engineering use.

The 1997 Value Engineering Achievement Awardees are:

Program Management Program Executive Office; Command, Control & Communications Systems
Individual/Team Jae Shim, Mark Carlini and Charles Sallade, Close Combat Armaments Center; Ray Johnson and Gregg Hart, U.S. Army Chemical Biological Defense Command; and Donald Moore and Loud Kirkpatrick, Pine Bluff Arsenal
Professional Ms. Vicki Loewen, U.S. Army Missile Command
Procurement/Contract Administration John Kaddatz; U.S. Army Industrial Operations Command
Field Command North Atlantic Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Installation Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
Contractor Lockheed Martin Vought Systems
Special Stephen French, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development & Acquisition)
Special U.S. Army Materiel Command Value Engineering Process Action Team: Greg Zelnio and Charles Cell, Industrial Operations Command; Karim Abdian, Aviation & Troop Command; Ms. Kimberly Walton, Chemical Biological Defense Command; Giuseppe Sgroi, Communications-Electronics Command; Ken Dulaney, Missile Command; Jerry Lariviere, Soldier Systems Command; Tony Gillooley, Simulation, Training & Instrumentation Command; and Dave Hemmings, Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command
Program Management Capt. Joseph Dyer, Cmdr. Dean Meyer, Henry Clark, Kevin Frankle and Dan Haertle; F/A-18 Program Management Office
Individual/Team Michael Koga, George Moribe, Ms. Lori Arakawa, Martin McMorrow and Dominic Wong; Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Professional Allen Bryant, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Procurement/Contract Administration AEGIS Destroyer Acquisition Team: Fred Sheridan, Michael Gutermuth, Charles Fields, Sam Galbo, Wilmont Summerall and Paul Murphy; Naval Sea Systems Command; Navy Capts. Rick Rubel and Fred Parker, Randall Fortune, and Ms. Mary Chamblin; Program Executive Office for Surface Combatants/AEGIS Program
Field Command Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Contractor General Electric Aircraft Engines
Special Multi-Functional Distribution System-Low Volume Terminal Program Office
Special Get Moy, Ronnie Bostain, William Bogue, James Graham and Michael Koga; Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Professional Brian Trotter, AMRAAM Program Office
Procurement/Contract Administration Ms. Candace Link, Kevin P. Jerome, Raymond Reilly, Mrs. Jeffrey L. Duval, Jon Westphal, Ms. Kristy Golden, Ms. Gila Harold and Ms. Susan Quintero; Air-to-Air Joint Systems Program Office
Contractor Smith & Aguirre Construction Co., Inc.
Special AMRAAM Program Office; Hughes Missile Systems Co.; Raytheon Electronics Systems Corp.; Defense Contract Management Command Hughes Tucson; and Defense Contract Management Command Raytheon

Program Management AV-8B Harrier Aircraft DC Power Relay Team: Richard Yannitti, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; O'Brien Lewis, Cherry Point Naval Aviation Depot; and Tim Ratliff and Louis Franke, Defense Supply Center Columbus
Individual/Team Gregg Teeple, Defense Personnel Support Center
Professional Joseph Crum, Defense Supply Center Columbus
Procurement/Contract Administration Michael Brenchak and Leonard Donahue; Defense Contract Management Command Sikorsky
Field Command Defense Supply Center Richmond
Contractor Ran-Paige Co. Inc.
Professional Ms. Jennifer Shepherd, PATRIOT Project Office and Ms. Karen Caudle, U.S. Army Missile Command
Field Command Facilities, Design and Construction Division; Lackland Air Force Base
Contractor Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Individual/Team Michael Mathis, Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

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