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Release No: 261-98
May 26, 1998


The Department of the Navy today issued the Record Of Decision (ROD) concerning the disposal and reuse of 454 acres at Naval Station Long Beach and Long Beach Naval Shipyard (Long Beach Naval Complex) in Long Beach, Calif. The ROD is the documentation of the Navy's decision to dispose of the Long Beach Naval Complex in a manner that is consistent with the reuse plans approved by the City of Long Beach for the various components of the complex and is in keeping with the Department of Defense's community-based reuse objectives.

The ROD is an environmental document. It is not a transfer of title. A Record Of Decision is the final step in the environmental evaluation process established by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). NEPA requires Federal agencies, such as the Department of the Navy, to consider the impact that major Federal actions, such as disposal and reuse of the Long Beach Naval Complex, may have on the environment.

The Department of the Navy has concluded that the City of Long Beach's proposed redevelopment of the Long Beach Naval Complex responds to local economic conditions, promotes rapid economic recovery, and is consistent with President Clinton's Five-Part Plan for revitalizing base closure communities.

On behalf of Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment) Robert B. Pirie Jr. provided the ROD to Beverly O'Neill, mayor of the city of Long Beach. In the near future, the Navy and the city of Long Beach will initiate discussions concerning the manner by which the Long Beach Naval Complex will be conveyed to the city.

The reuse plan for the naval station includes a marine container facility, an intermodal railyard, and a sea launch facility. The reuse plan for the naval shipyard includes a marine container terminal facility, a ship repair facility, a liquid bulk terminal, expanded breakbulk and neobulk terminal facilities, and a police headquarters and training academy.

The Long Beach Naval Complex ROD represents the highly coordinated efforts of the Department of the Navy, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Mayor O'Neill on behalf of the city of Long Beach, and senior representatives of the port of Long Beach. It is a significant step in the base closure process in that it allows the local community to begin redevelopment and highlights the Navy's commitment to economic prosperity at base closure sites.

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