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Release No: 406-98
July 29, 1998


Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) Walter B. Slocombe has established the first comprehensive career development plan for civilian professionals in the Policy organization of the Department of Defense.

The Policy Career Development Program (PCDP) is designed to develop national security professionals who are motivated, professionally trained, and during the course of their careers, increasingly able to shape and affect the changing security environment. This new effort will provide a systematic training and management development program, set up a rotation process for new assignments, including with other U.S. Government agencies, and create a structure for overall human resource management. More than 250 employees will participate in the program.

The PCDP is the result of a massive three-year effort undertaken by OUSD (Policy) leadership and professionals throughout the Policy organization. In March 1995, then Deputy Secretary of Defense John Deutch confirmed support for a systematic career development program in OUSD (P), calling it "clearly a timely initiative" and "the right thing to do" for civil service employees and the Department of Defense.

Implementation of the Policy Career Development Program will begin immediately. Approximately 20 percent of the civilians in GS-12 and above positions within OUSD (P) are expected to rotate into new assignments within the next year. An equitable and systematic process for career development, including promotions, involving these rotations is in place.

To carry out the PCDP, Slocombe has established two boards. The Professional Development Board will oversee program implementation. This board will consist of seven senior DoD employees and be co-chaired by Bill Lowry who is director, Program Management and Integration, OASD (Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict), and Alina Romanowski, deputy assistant secretary of Defense (Near East and South Asian Affairs). In addition, the board will meet semi-annually with the principal deputy under secretary of Defense (Policy) and the assistant secretaries in the Policy office.

A second body, the Career Advancement Board composed of nine current employees, will ensure a uniform approach to promotions and career advancement. Its president will be Lisa Bronson, director of NATO Policy in the office of the assistant secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs). Current staff will implement the program through an Executive Secretariat. John T. Tyler, principal director, Organizational Management and Support, OUSD (Policy), will serve as executive secretary and Charlene King has been named director of the program. The program is fully compliant with existing laws and regulations governing civil service personnel procedures and is being funded with current resources.

"This program recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive, carefully planned, career development opportunities for dedicated career professionals," commented Slocombe in announcing the program's creation.

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