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Release No: 045-99
February 03, 1999


The Department of Defense's Dual Use Science and Technology (DUS&T) Program, now in its fourth year of operation, is seeking participation from companies that are developing commercial technologies that could be used in a growing array of military applications.

More than 200 firms are already engaged in the DUS&T program, including many companies that have not traditionally done business with the DoD.

Companies are invited to learn more about funding opportunities, and the latest request for proposals issued Febr. 1, 1999, at a meeting scheduled for Chicago on March 25. Proposals to the solicitation are due May 4, with selection of awards anticipated later this year. The first three DU S&T Program solicitations have resulted in more than $600 million being invested by the Department and industry for the development of technologies that can be used by both the commercial and military sectors.

Research in commercial technologies such as telecommunications, computing, biotechnology and advanced materials continues to outstrip what is taking place in the defense sector.

"We have to start bringing commercial technologies more and more into defense systems to take advantage of commercial developments," said DUS&T Program Manager Dan Petonito.

Program officials will describe this year's opportunities for industry to collaborate with the military services on March 25 at the Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

The Dual Use Science and Technology Investment Strategy Conference will provide both current and potential contractors that may never have worked with the Defense Department, with information on the latest solicitation. The Department is seeking proposals in eight areas of technology:

  • Affordable Sensors
  • Advanced Propulsion, Power, and Fuel Efficiency
  • Information and Communications Systems
  • Medical and Bioengineering Technologies
  • Weapons Systems Sustainment
  • Distributed Mission Training
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Environmental Technologies

Program managers from the Army, Navy and Air Force who are co-funding R&D projects will be on hand to answer questions from industry related to their technology needs and the process for participating in the DU S&T Program.

At last year's conferences in Los Angeles, Calif., and Washington, D.C., more than 400 executives learned about new opportunities in the program that require a 50 percent cost share with industry. This year the Department plans to budget $110 million for its share of the DUS&T Program.

Congress established goals for the initiation of dual use projects based on a percentage of the military Services' applied research budgets. In 1999, the goal is seven percent (roughly $115 million) that the Services are striving to commit to commercially relevant technologies. That figure is projected to grow to about $250 million in 2001, when the goal climbs to 15 percent of the Services' applied research budgets.

Inducements for industry to work with DoD's DUS&T Program include cost-shared projects, access to technology from the government and increased market opportunities with the military Services. In addition, the Department is making it easier for companies to participate by using contracting procedures that are outside the normal acquisition regulations.

Points of Contact:

  • Dan Petonito, program manager
  • Dual Use Science & Technology
  • Deputy Director for Research and Engineering
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • (703) 681-5451 (petonidh@acq.osd.mil)
  • Army: Mr. Tom Killion, (703) 601-1535 (killion@sarda.army.mil)
  • Air Force: Dr. J. Fuller, (703) 588-7867 (fullerjo@af.pentagon.mil)
  • Navy: Ms. Cathy Nodgaard, (703) 696-1289 (nogaac@onr.navy.mil)

For more information on the March 25, 1999, Dual-Use Science & Technology conference in Chicago or to register, set your browser to www.dtic.mil/dust. The e-mail address is dus&t@acq.osd.mil. An early registration fee of $75.00 will cover meals and materials.

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