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Release No: 157-99
April 09, 1999


Jacques Gansler, under secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, has announced the publication of "Into the 21st Century: A Strategy for Affordability." This document is the Department of Defense's blueprint for adapting to the Department's needs the best world-class business and technical practices in rationalizing infrastructure, restructuring support systems, and reducing cycles times and ownership costs while improving readiness.

"Into the 21st Century: A Strategy for Affordability" was produced by the Defense Systems Affordability Council (DSAC). The DSAC is the Department's forum for setting and monitoring top-level goals, objectives, and metrics. In this study, the DSAC has enumerated three top-level goals that strategically relate:

Field high-quality defense products quickly and support them responsively - By reducing the cycle time of DoD processes for acquisition and support, this will produce cost reduction across-the-board while improving readiness and responsiveness.

Lower the total ownership cost of defense products - By reducing the investment cost of new systems, this will increase the purchasing power of modernization funding. It will reduce operating and support costs of fielded systems, and will make more resources available for modernization.

Reduce the overhead cost of the acquisition and logistics infrastructure - The efficiencies achieved can be reallocated for modernization or essential support.

For each goal, the Strategy articulates the DSAC's enterprise level objectives and metrics, and the major initiatives that will contribute to achieving those objectives. The strategy also challenges the Department to achieve some targets by 2005 such as cutting logistics response time to five days and lowering logisitics support cost by 20 percent.

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