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Release No: 401-99
September 02, 1999


The Department of Defense will host a Tiltrotor Technology Presentation on the Pentagon's River Entrance parade ground to demonstrate the capabilities and versatility of tiltrotor technology from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. EDT, on Sept 8. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen will preside at the event, which begins with the arrival of the test prototype XV-15 tiltrotor technology demonstrator, followed by arrival of a production-model MV-22 (Marine Corps variant of the V-22 series) Osprey at the Pentagon River Entrance. Cohen will be available to the press immediately following arrival of the two aircraft on the River Entrance parade ground.

The XV-15 and MV-22 will remain on display for public viewing until 4 p.m. EDT to afford Pentagon employees and interested parties the opportunity to see the world's first production tiltrotor. This unique aircraft is a technological breakthrough that is expected to revolutionize the execution of many military missions.

The XV-15, a NASA-inspired, Bell Helicopter-produced experimental tiltrotor aircraft, is the precursor to the V-22 Osprey.

The Osprey will provide a multi-mission, multi-service versatility and capability applicable to a wide range of contingencies. It is capable of carrying 24 combat-equipped personnel or a 15,000-pound external load. It also has a strategic self-deployment capability with 2,100 nautical mile range with a single aerial refueling. Its vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) capability allows it to operate as a helicopter for takeoff and landing. Once airborne, the engine blades rotate forward 90 degrees, converting the V-22 into a high-speed, high-altitude, fuel-efficient turbo-prop aircraft.

Current plans call for the Marine Corps to field 360 MV-22s by 2013; the Air Force to purchase 50 CV-22s (Air Force special operations variant); and the Navy to acquire 48 HV-22Bs for combat search and rescue (CSAR), special warfare and logistics support.

Media interested in attending this event may contact Capt. Bakkar-Poe or Sgt. Lisbon at (703) 614-4309/6252 for further coordination of parking and Pentagon access.

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