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Release No: 477-99
October 13, 1999


A joint venture between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Defense Department designed to improve post-military employment opportunities for military air traffic controllers went into effect Oct. 1, 1999. Known to the military as Phoenix Controller 20, and the FAA as "The Employment of Retired Military Air Traffic Controllers," the program has been implemented to reduce the number of military air traffic controllers leaving the Service after one or two enlistments because of age restrictions they face when seeking a job with the FAA. This program allows retired military controllers to serve a full career and then have an opportunity to work for the FAA.

PC-20 is designed to meet DoD readiness requirements and provide servicemembers employment opportunities after military retirement. To be eligible for hire under this policy, military controllers must have retired after 20 years of military Service and received either air traffic control specialist certification or a facility rating to FAA standards. The FAA does not allow controllers to work traffic past their 56th birthday.

"This venture offers a pool of talent for the FAA. Controllers from throughout the military can remain in their chosen career field after retirement, increasing the overall experience level among controllers and reducing the training workload for everybody," said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mike Ryan.

Retired air traffic controllers from all military Services are eligible for this program. "While the Air Force took the lead on this project, all the military branches will benefit. Through PC-20, we hope to encourage our controllers to complete a military career, be it 20 years or more, then have an opportunity to share their talents in the civil sector," Ryan said.

PC-20 is not an employment guarantee, but a new opportunity for retired military air traffic controllers. Application forms and job announcements will be available after Dec. 1, 1999, at http://jobs.faa.gov/forms.asp and http://jobs.faa.gov/annsumm.asp. Addresses for FAA regions can be found at http://jobs.faa.gov/phone.html. For more details on PC-20, visit the Air Force Flight Standards Agency website at http://www.andrews.af.mil/tenants/affsa/XAO.htm and select the PC-20 hot button.

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