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Release No: 209-00
April 26, 2000


The Air Force is offering an additional $5,000 initial enlistment bonus to people entering certain career fields or aptitude areas in an attempt to bolster the number of recruits entering active duty now through May 2000. This temporary $5,000 bonus amount is in addition to pre-existing enlistment bonuses.

The additional bonus applies to eligible individuals falling into one of three categories:

Recruits who have shipped or are currently scheduled to ship to basic military training between April 17 and May 31.

New applicants, who as of April 17, did not hold a reservation to enter the Air Force and will enter active duty now through May 31.

Individuals who have a reservation to enter the Air Force on or after June 1, but agree to move up their date and enter active duty before May 31.

"The bonus applies only to individuals entering one of more than 100 selected career fields or aptitude areas," said Chief Master Sgt. Nathan Kostos, superintendent of operations, Air Force Recruiting Service.

"Applicants need to treat their enlistment contract as if it were an actual check signed by the U.S. Air Force. In fact, it is," Kostos said. "Payment of the bonus will take place only after recruits complete all required technical training for their bonus AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) and no sooner than 30 days after arriving at their first permanent duty station."

He said recruiters will review their bank of recruits scheduled to enter active duty after May 31 and contact those eligible to encourage them to move their enlistment date up and receive the bonus.

"The Air Force is providing an excellent incentive and we are running a full-court press to take advantage of this golden opportunity," Kostos said.

To view the list of selected career fields, go to http://www.af.mil/newspaper/v2_n15_s3.htm (no longer available).

For more information, contact the nearest Air Force recruiting office, at 1-(800)-423-USAF or visit www.airforce.com

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