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Release No: 294-00
May 30, 2000


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Henry H. Shelton today released "Joint Vision 2020" (JV2020), a document that extends, refines, and builds on "Joint Vision 2010" (JV2010) in projecting how the U.S. military must be developed and transformed in the new millennium.

The overarching focus of JV2020 remains a joint force capable of full spectrum dominance, persuasive in peace, decisive in war, and preeminent in any form of conflict. Four operational concepts -- dominant maneuver, precision engagement, focused logistics, and full dimensional protection -- that the military must apply to achieve full spectrum dominance were introduced in JV2010 and continue as the foundation of JV2020.

The new document focuses on three factors as central to success in these four operational concepts and the resulting capability of full-spectrum dominance:

Interoperability: Success across the full range of military operations requires interoperability among the joint force, multinational partners, and the interagency.

Innovation: Broad-based innovation is the key to transforming the capabilities of the joint force.

Decision Superiority: Information superiority will enable joint command and control to be transformed so our commanders can make better and faster decisions than their opponents.

JV2020 also underscores that both the complex military operations of the future and the transformation of the force today will require people of exceptional talent, mental agility, and dedication.

JV2020 is available at http://www.dtic.mil/jv2020 . For more information, contact the Joint Staff public affairs office at (703) 697-4272.

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