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Release No: 400-00
July 12, 2000


The Navy announced today that it is significantly increasing the fiscal 2000 Aviation Career Continuation Pay program in order to increase pilot and Naval flight officer retention. This mid-year bonus adjustment marks a dramatic and positive shift in retention policy that far exceeds any previous Naval aviation bonus program and has been eagerly anticipated by aviators at every level.

"Senior Naval and civilian leadership have recognized the very real retention challenges facing Naval aviation today and for the foreseeable future by unanimously endorsing this robust bonus plan," said Navy Vice Adm. Norb Ryan Jr., chief of Naval Personnel.

Under the new plan, Naval aviators can earn up to $245,000 in aviation bonuses through 25 years of aviation service.

There are several options under the new program. Aviators who are eligible for an aviation bonus for the first time in fiscal 2000 can sign a five-year contract that provides $25,000 a year for pilots and $15,000 for Naval flight officers. Eligible officers may receive a lump-sum payment of 50 percent of the entire bonus upon signing the agreement.

Short-term agreements -- two to three years -- are also available for Naval aviators at specific career milestones throughout their careers for up to $15,000 per year.

This new program is being implemented in order to retain an adequate number of aviators at every experience level to man the fleet squadrons and aircraft carriers forward deployed around the world as well as other duty stations where aviators are assigned.

"There are more than one hundred junior aviators who are either awaiting separation or are bonus eligible and have not yet declared their intentions in FY 00 alone. This program is designed to help these aviators, in which the Navy has invested so much, to decide to stay Navy," said Ryan.

For more information on this program, contact Navy Cmdr. Frank Thorp at (703) 614-2000.

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