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Release No: 512-00
August 18, 2000


The Department of Defense has released details on major defense acquisition program cost and schedule changes since the December 1999 reporting period. This information is based on the Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) submitted to the Congress for the June 30, 2000 reporting period.

SARs summarize the latest estimates of cost, schedule, and technical status. These reports are prepared annually in conjunction with the President's budget. Subsequent quarterly exception reports are required only for those programs experiencing unit cost increases of at least 15 percent or schedule delays of at least six months. Quarterly SARs are also submitted for initial reports, final reports, and for programs that are rebaselined at major milestone decisions.

The total program cost estimates provided in the SARs include research and development, procurement, military construction, and acquisition-related operation & maintenance. Total program costs reflect actual costs to date as well as anticipated costs for future efforts. All estimates include allowances for anticipated inflation.

The current estimate of program acquisition costs for programs covered by SARs for the prior reporting period (December 1999) was $742,344.9 million. After subtracting the costs for final reports and adding the costs new programs from December 1999, the adjusted current estimate of program acquisition costs was $731,503.8 million. There was a net cost change of +$850.9 million during the current reporting period (June 2000).

Attached is a listing of the Selected Acquisition Reports summary from June 2000, and the SAR Program Acquisition cost summary table detailing dollar amounts.

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