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Release No: 611-94
October 27, 1994


The Department of Defense announced today that operations at 27 military facilities oversea will be ended or reduced under the current plan to drawdown the number of U.S. forces worldwide. This latest round of returns and partial returns to host governments brings to 944 the number of locations overseas where operations have ended, been reduced or placed on standby since January 1990. The realignment of these installations will affect nearly 2000 military, 600 U.S. civilian employee, and 1700 local national positions

This announcement also brings to 871 the number of U.S. installations in Europe where operations will end, be reduced or placed on standby. All but three of the realignments are in Germany. The remaining realignments are in Iceland and Portugal (Azores).

Returns or partial returns of facilities to host countries represent about 248,600 authorized positions at sites worldwide since the drawdown began. These include more than 176,300 military; 23,300 U.S. civilian; and 49,000 local national positions. The number of actual employees at these facilities is generally less than the number of authorized positions. All but one site has fewer than 1,000 authorized positions. Darby Kaserne has more than 1,000 authorized positions.

The phrase "return" means operations are ended and the entire installation is vacated by U.S. forces and returned to the control of the host nation. The phrase "partial return" means some of the facilities are retained by U.S. forces and operations are reduced. The phrase "standby" means operations are ending, but the site is maintained in a ready status for future use, if needed.

The Department of Defense continues to review additional candidate sites worldwide for return or partial return to host governments. More specific information about this announcement may be obtained by contacting, Headquarters, U.S. European Command at 49-711-680-8447; Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe at 49-6221-57-8934 or Headquarters, U.S. Air Forces Europe at 49-6371-47-6357, for bases in Europe. For more information on the realignment of the sites in Iceland and the Azores, contact Headquarters, U.S. Atlantic Command at (804) 444-3884.


The following facility belongs to U.S. Air Forces, Europe:

Installation Location Status

Idenheim Communications Annex Bitburg Return

The following facilities belong to U.S. Army, Europe:

Stangass Camp Area Berchtesgaden Partial Return

Strub Kaserne Berchtesgaden Partial Return

Frasdorf Operations Area Frasdorf (Chiemsee) Return

Idar Oberstein Family Housing Idar Oberstein Partial Return

Strassburg Kaserne Idar Oberstein Partial Return

Frankfurt Mortuary Frankfurt Return

Friedberg Training and Storage Area Friedberg Partial Return

Giessen Class I Point Giessen Return

Giessen Class II and IV Depot Giessen Return

Windberg Barracks Grefrath Return

Mainz Repair and Utility Area Mainz Return

Dr. Martin Luther King Housing Mainz Return

Finthen Family Housing Mainz-Finthen Return

Dambach Family Housing Nuernberg Return

Darby Kaserne Nuernberg Partial Return

Fuerth Shopping Center Nuernberg Return

Johnson Barracks Nuernberg Return

Kalb Family Housing Nuernberg Return

Nuernberg Athletic Field Nuernberg Return

Nuernberg Coal Yard Nuernberg Return

Nuernberg Transient Billets Nuernberg Return

Weilimdorf Warehouse Stuttgart Return

Oberauerbach Missile Station Zweibruecken Return


The following facility belongs to U.S. Atlantic Command:

Sandur Loran C Site Sandur Return


The following facility belongs to U.S. Atlantic Command:

Agualva Ammunition Annex Lajes Field Return

Agualva Communications Annex Lajes Field Return


The following U.S. Army Europe installations previously announced for partial return will now be fully returned:

Roedelheim Ordnance Facility Frankfurt Return

Grefrath Kaserne Grefrath Return

Monteith Barracks Nuernberg Return

Muenchweiler Hospital Pirmasens Return

Osterholz Storage Facility Stuttgart Return

Pinder Barracks Nuernberg Return

Frankfurt Hospital, announced for return by the U.S. Army in Round 12 (1 Jul 93) will now be retained under U.S. Air Forces, Europe, control.

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