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Release No: 616-00
October 06, 2000


The Department of Defense has selected seventeen new-start projects and twenty continuing projects to receive fiscal 2001 funding under the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program.

The FCT Program, authorized by Congress in 1989, is administered by George Schneiter, Director, Strategic and Tactical Systems, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics).

The FCT Program responds to a growing awareness of the value of using non-developmental items to accelerate the acquisition process and cut rising development costs. The principal objective of the FCT Program is to support the U.S. warfighter by leveraging non-developmental items of allied and other friendly nations to satisfy U.S. defense requirements more quickly and economically. The FCT process is dependent on a world class foreign item, U.S. user interest in the item, a valid requirement, and good procurement potential. The goal is to reduce the acquisition cycle time and RDT&E expenditures while enhancing standardization and interoperability, and improving international cooperation.

FCT projects are nominated annually by the Services and U.S. Special Operations Command to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Each proposed project is screened to ensure the item is non-developmental and addresses a valid requirement, a thorough market investigation has been conducted to identify all potential contenders, and the sponsoring organization has developed a viable strategy to purchase the foreign item if it tests successfully and offers best value.

Of the seventeen new start projects for fiscal 2001, five are sponsored by the Army, three by the Navy and Marine Corps, four by the Air Force, and five by the U.S. Special Operations Command. A list of these new projects and the continuing projects to be funded is available on line at http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Oct2000/fctlist.html. Additional FCT Program information is available on the FCT Homepage on the World Wide Web at http://www.acq.osd.mil/cto/.

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