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Release No: 718-00
December 01, 2000


Franklin D. Kramer, assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, today announced the publication of Strengthening Transatlantic Security: A U.S. Strategy for the 21st Century. The report, commonly referred to as the "European Strategy Report," explains how the United States, working closely with its allies, can best prepare itself to meet the challenges of European and global security in the coming years.

The report highlights the key elements of U.S. strategy, which include enhancing the defense capabilities of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); adapting the multiple existing international structures (and, where necessary, creating new ones) to build security and prevent conflict; and paying special attention to certain key regions adjacent to NATO.

To implement this strategy, the United States is enhancing NATO's Partnership for Peace; furthering a gradual, deliberate, and transparent process of NATO enlargement; building cooperative relationships with the Russian Federation and Ukraine; maintaining close bilateral relationships with our allies; and working cooperatively with allies and partners to enhance security beyond NATO's borders. In addition, the report describes U.S. strategy to establish a close, cooperative, coherent and transparent relationship between NATO and the European Union.

In the preface to the report, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen writes, "This report is intended to offer a clear vision of U.S. policy goals in building transatlantic cooperation as a continuing force for freedom. Working with the Congress and our allies, we will vigorously pursue this comprehensive agenda to strengthen our international security in the years ahead."

The report also highlights the critical and multifaceted role of the approximately 100,000 U.S. troops in Europe in achieving U.S. security objectives in Europe and neighboring regions.

The report is on line at http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/eurostrategy2000.pdf.

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