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Release No: 724-00
December 05, 2000


Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen has re-appointed Vickie L. McCall as chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), for 2001. Members typically serve a three-year term on DACOWITS. There have only been five times before when the chair was asked to stay on for a fourth year. All positions on the DACOWITS committee are non-salaried positions.

McCall was appointed to DACOWITS in 1998 where she served on the Forces Development and Utilization Subcommittee and then became the vice chair of that same subcommittee a year later. As chair of the full committee, she has championed a number of issues including a review of childcare services and has fostered a stronger partnership between DACOWITS and the Services' leadership.

In 1951 then Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall established DACOWITS to advise him on policies and matters relating to women in the armed forces. It's been in existence ever since. The committee is composed of 30 to 40 civilian members selected on the basis of their achievements in business, professional fields, civic service, and by geographic location. The latter criterion fosters diverse representation throughout all areas in the United States with a military presence.

Additionally, McCall has announced the selection of the 2001 Executive Committee. The selections are effective January 1, 2001. Chosen from existing members, the executive committee provides the leadership and coordination for the committee's activities.

The executive committee members for 2001 are: McCall from Ogden, Utah, chair; Deborah M. Ching of Honolulu, Hawaii, vice chair; Susan L. Patane of San Bernardino, Calif., second vice chair; Donald H. Green of Chevy Chase, Md., chair, Equality Management Committee; Barbara P. Glacel of Oak Hill, Va., vice chair, Equality Management Committee;

Patricia M. Gormley of Newfields, N.H., chair, Forces Development and Utilization Committee; Marene N. Allison of South Orange, N.J., vice chair, Forces Development and Utilization Committee; Caroline L. Lattimore of Durham, N.C., chair, Quality of Life Committee; John S. Fairfield of Oak Hill, Va., vice chair, Quality of Life Committee; and Laura A. Liswood of Washington, D.C., chair of the Self-Study Team.

Further information about DACOWITS may be found at http://www.dtic.mil/dacowits .

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