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Release No: 323-01
July 19, 2001


The Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) has selected retired Navy Adm. Leighton W. Smith and retired Marine Corps Gen. Charles Wilhelm to co-chair a study group chartered to find suitable alternatives for training Atlantic Fleet Naval forces.

Adm. Smith and Gen. Wilhelm will lead the CNA effort that will include a group of retired senior military officers and analysts that will review potential training facilities, sites, and methods to find effective alternatives to Vieques for training our forces; both in the near term and in the future. The three primary training requirements are air to ground ordnance delivery, amphibious operations and naval surface fire support.

The group will build on an August 2000 CNA study that identified existing possible alternatives, and some other areas that looked promising with investments for the future. This study will expand that work, directly incorporating military expertise, technology issues, future weapons systems requirements, cost factors and environmental constraints.

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