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Release No: 674-94
December 06, 1994


Secretary of Defense William Perry participated today in an environmental recycling ceremony in which recycling bins were placed outside his office at the Pentagon. He was assisted in the ceremony by Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Environmental Security Sherri W. Goodman.

"The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world that recycles. Today, the Secretary of Defense demonstrates his commitment to recycling, to set an example for others to take the time to recycle. DoD is a federal leader in recycling, which has saved DoD hundreds of thousands of dollars since the program began," said Ms. Goodman.

The recycling efforts in the Department of Defense for 1993 saved over $51,000 in decreased landfill costs. Recycling also produces income from the sale of recycled materials. In 1993, DoD generated $63,000 in income which was used to offset the costs of labor, materials, equipment and contracts to operate the program. In addition, 25 percent of the Pentagon's waste system is recycled, while the surrounding local office buildings, on the average recycle just 10 percent of their waste streams.

Recycling activity in the Pentagon for 1993:

Total Tons/Year Average Tons/Month

White Ledger Paper 816.7 68.1

Corrugated Cardboard 175.8 14.7

Newspaper 90.5 7.5

Aluminum Cans 14.2 1.1

Glass Containers 4.8 1.2

Plastic Containers 1.2 0.3

The Pentagon's initiative and performance is an example of one installation's efforts of the Department of Defense. Today, over 90 percent of DoD installations have recycling programs. As a result, they have reduced their solid waste disposal requirements by up to 40 percent. These efforts improve the quality of life of our armed forces by contributing the income from recycling to morale, welfare and recreation programs.

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