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Release No: 606-01
November 29, 2001


The Department of Defense will begin efforts tomorrow to preserve items from makeshift memorials left at the Pentagon since the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Shortly after the attack, individuals created makeshift memorials at the Pentagon to honor those who were lost or injured.

In order to preserve and archive the mementos, a contract moving company supervised by military and Defense Protective Services personnel will begin collecting, packaging and moving these items for storage and safekeeping tomorrow. This effort will focus on the area immediately near the Pentagon, the Navy Annex and other Pentagon controlled areas in the vicinity of the attack site.

These items, ranging from letters, photographs, notes, teddy bears, and flags will be catalogued and preserved as an historical record. Once preserved, these items could be used in displays for historical and educational purposes.

New tributes and mementos will continue to be collected periodically in an effort to preserve them for history. The small knoll off the West side of the South parking lot has been designated for individuals to continue to place new memorial items and tributes.

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