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Release No: 039-02
January 28, 2002


The Department of Defense notified Congress today that the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams (WMD-CST) from the Arkansas, California, Florida, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Virginia National Guard are now certified. These teams are fully ready to assist civil authorities respond to a domestic weapon of mass destruction incident, and possess the requisite skills, training and equipment to be proficient in all mission requirements.

The Arkansas National Guard team, the 61st WMD-CST, is stationed at North Little Rock, Ark. The California National Guard team, the 95th WMD-CST, is stationed at Hayward, Calif. The Florida National Guard team, the 44th WMD-CST, is stationed at Stark, Fla. The Iowa National Guard team, the 71st WMD-CST, is stationed at Johnston, Iowa. The New Mexico National Guard team, the 64th WMD-CST, is stationed at Santa Fe, N.M. The Oklahoma National Guard team, the 63rd WMD-CST, is stationed at Oklahoma City, Okla. The Virginia National Guard team, the 34th WMD-CST, is stationed at Blackstone, Va.

Congress has authorized 32 WMD-CST. The seven teams certified today are part of the 17 teams authorized in the National Defense Appropriations Act for fiscal 2000. All 10 of the teams authorized in fiscal 1999 have already been certified; 14 of the 17 teams authorized in fiscal 2000 are now certified; five more teams authorized in fiscal 2001 are being organized.

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