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Release No: 599-94
October 24, 1994


The Advanced Research Projects Agency Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) today published an announcement in Commerce Business Daily detailing plans for the third TRP competition. The TRP plans to allocate $415 million of FY94 and FY95 funding for this competition.

The competition will seek proposals in 13 technology development areas ($250 million available), as well as proposals for Regional Technology Alliances ($115 million available) and Manufacturing Education and Training efforts ($30 million available). Approximately $10 million has been allocated for Small Business Innovation Research phase one proposals in the same 13 technology areas; $10 million is available for phase two efforts that are continuations from last year's selections. Cost-sharing and partnerships are required for all programs except Small Business Innovation Research.

Regional Technology Alliances are designed to enhance regional industrial capabilities in critical dual-use technologies. Manufacturing Education and Training efforts retrain defense engineers and technicians for commercial industries and reorient engineering education for the manufacturing industries of the future. Funds in the Small Business Innovation Research program are available only to small businesses proposing to determine the scientific or technical merit and feasibility of a particular technology.

Twelve of the technology development areas were chosen for their defense relevance and include technologies of interest to the Army, Navy and Air Force and participating TRP agencies. The last category is "Other" to leave open the possibility of additional areas which may have been overlooked by TRP. A list of technology areas is attached.

The TRP plans outreach meetings across the country during the month of November. Each meeting will conduct an overview of the competition areas, and will hold detailed workshops on three of the technology development focus areas. Interested participants will be able to choose whether to attend a geographically convenient location for the overview, or to travel to the location holding a specific workshop to learn about a particular technology. Details of the meeting schedules are also attached.

As a new feature of this year's competition, participants interested in technology development or Regional Technology Alliances are encouraged to submit five-page concept papers with their proposal ideas by December 21. The TRP will review each paper and provide the author with feedback on the quality of the paper.



Concept papers are much less costly to prepare than full proposals. The concept-paper process will allow potential proposers to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest the time and money involved in preparing a full proposal.

The formal solicitation is scheduled to be published in Commerce Business Daily on February 3, 1995, with proposals due on March 17. The TRP hopes to announce proposals selected for negotiation by June 1995.

Details of the competition will be included in a Program Information Package, scheduled to be available in November.

The Technology Reinvestment Project is a Clinton Administration initiative to integrate the commercial and defense sectors into a single, leading-edge technology and industrial base. It is jointly implememnted by a collaboration of six Federal agencies -- the Departments of Defense (Advanced Research Projects Agency, Army, Navy, Air Force), Commerce, Energy, and Transportation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the National Science Foundation.

Additional information on the new TRP competition, including the Program Information Package, the outreach meetings schedule, and the formal solicitation, will be mailed to all names on the TRP mailing list. The list includes all individuals who submitted proposals in previous competitions, or who have called 1-800-DUAL-USE and provided a name and address. Interested participants who are not sure if they are on the mailing list are encouraged to call 1-800-DUAL-USE or fax information to (703) 696-3813.

Media may obtain a copy of the Commerce Business Daily announcements and the Program Information Package (when available) in room 2E765 of the Pentagon, or by calling (703) 695-0192.

Other programs under the "Defense Reinvestment, Conversion and Assistance" statutes are being competed separately by the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), for a total program of $500 million:

MARITECH -- $40 million (FY95) for cooperative, cost-shared technology development of advanced systems that will improve the manufacture, operation and repair of ships, and for total ship design concepts having potential for near-term entry into the commercial marketplace. (Proposals now being accepted.)

Agile Manufacturing Pilot Program -- $30 million (FY95) to accelerate the implementation of agile manufacturing concepts across a broad industrial base. (Proposals now being accepted.)

Advanced Materials Partnerships -- $15 million (FY95) to reduce the cost of components and devices manufactured from advanced materials and to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration between U.S. industry, academic institutions, state and local government and federal laboratories. (Competition to be announced next month.)


October 21, 1994




Biological sensors and multiorgan diagnostic screening -- Development of non-invasive sensors for physiological parameters and non-invasive multiorgan screening technologies suitable for military health care requirements under combat or peacetime conditions.

Operations other than war/law enforcement -- Development of affordable, prototype equipment to meet special mission requirements of both military services and law enforcement agencies.

Affordable polymer matrix composites for airframe structures -- Development of materials and manufacturing technologies for affordable fabrication of primary airframe composite structures to improve military and commercial aircraft performance and cost-effectiveness.

Low-cost specialty metals processing -- Demonstration and insertion of innovative forming of component fabrication processes to make specialty metals more affordable for military and commercial use.

Millimeter wave products for military and civilian applications -- Development of affordable and reliable millimeter wave products using monolithic-format integrated circuits for use in military and commercial applications.

Electric and hybrid tactical and commercial vehicles -- Development of affordable medium-to-heavy hybrid electric drivetrains for military and commercial use.

Ceramic material applications -- Demonstration and insertion of high performance ceramics and ceramic composites to enhance performance and decrease weight of military vehicles and aircraft and commercial applications.

Small precision optics manufacturing technology -- Development of cost-effective manufacturing processes for production optical components for remote sensing and surveillance systems and other military systems.

Digital wireless communications and networking systems -- Development of innovative communications and networking products to promote military initiatives such as "digitization of the battlefield."

Affordable controls technologies -- Development of affordable, advanced digital electronics and control technologies for enhanced military systems and industrial automation.

Cryogenic coolers for electronic systems -- Development of reliable and low-cost cryocoolers for electronic systems.

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications -- Demonstration and insertion of MEMS technology into defense and commercial applications (inertial sensors, embedded detection devices, etc.).


October 21, 1994



Each meeting will present an overview of TRP and all the TRP competition areas. In addition, each meeting will have workshops for three of the 13 designated technology focus areas.

Hotel and registration information may be obtained by calling 1-800-DUAL-USE.


Austin, TX (November 9)

University of Texas

J.J. Pickle Research Campus

The Commons

Building 137

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Affordable Controls Technologies

Cryogenic Systems for Space and Terrestrial

Chicago, IL (November 10)

The Ambassador West hotel (tentative)

1300 North State Parkway

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

Millimeter Wave Products

Boston, MA (November 14)

Location to be determined

Operations Other Than War/Law Enforcement

Digital Wireless Communications and Networking

Low Cost Specialty Metals Processing

Denver, CO (November 15)

Radisson Hotel

1550 Court Place

Affordable Controls Technologies

Low Cost Specialty Metals Processing

Biological Sensors and Multi-organ Diagnostic Screening



Seattle, WA (November 16)

Hyatt Regency (tentative)

900 Bellevue Way, NE

Bellevue, WA

Biological Sensors and Multiorgan Diagnostic Screening

Affordable Polymer Matrix Composites for Airframe Structures

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

Oakland, CA (November 18)

Calvin Simmons Auditorium (tentative)

Kaiser Convention Center

Affordable Polymer Matrix Composites for Airframe Structures

Ceramic Materials Applications

Precision Optics Manufacturing

Philadelphia, PA (November 21)

Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel (tentative)

17th and Race Streets

Ceramic Materials Applications

Millimeter Wave Products

Small Precision Optics Manufacturing

Atlanta, GA (November 22)

Georgia Institute of Technology (tentative)

Theater for the Arts

Digital Wireless Communications and Networking

Cryogenic Systems for Space and Terrestrial

Operations Other Than War/Law Enforcement

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