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Release No: 001-95
January 03, 1995


Ms. Sue Tempero, chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), has announced the selection of the 1995 Executive Committee. The selections became effective January 1, 1995.

Selected from existing members, the executive committee is composed of the chair, directors of operations, planning and communications, installations, and 4th year liaison and committees. The group also consists of co-chairs of three subcommittees (forces utilization, career opportunities, and quality of life).

Membership on DACOWITS includes prominent civilian women and men from throughout the United States representing academia, industry, public service and other professions. All 35 members are appointed by the Secretary of Defense for a three-year term, and serve without compensation. The committee was founded in 1951 by Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall during the Korean War to assist DOD in the recruitment and retention of servicewomen. In the ensuing 44 years, the committee has provided useful advice to the Secretary of Defense on policies relating to the effective employment of women in the services.

During semiannual conference the executive committee performs a variety of duties including reviewing issues, assigning new agenda items to appropriate subcommittees for introduction to the full committee and approving the rationale for recommendations. Additionally, they approve requests for information and continuing concerns as well as reviewing issues provided by subcommittees to ensure that the intent is clear and adequately reflected in proper format prior before forwarding to the full committee.

In addition to the semiannual conferences, the committee meets quarterly at the Pentagon. These meetings review interim issues, service responses to recommendations, requests for information, and continuing concerns made at the previous semiannual conference.

The new members and their assignments are as follows:

Position Member & Home Town

Chair Ms. Sue Tempero, Des Moines, Iowa

Director of Operations Mrs. Mary Kay Turner, Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Director of Planning and Communications Ms. Lisa Guillermin, San Francisco, Calif.

Director of Installation Visits Mrs. Amy Wishnick, Chicago, Ill.

4th Year Liaison & Director of Committees Dr. Carole Garrison, Akron, Ohio

Co-Chair, Career Opportunities Dr. Doris Price, Houston, Texas

Co-Chair, Career Opportunities Ms. Sally Appel, Lake Geneva, Wis.

Co-Chair, Forces Utilization Mrs. Sharon Anderson, Seward, Alaska

Co-Chair, Forces Utilization Mrs. Caroline Ellis Staton, Oxford, Miss.

Co-Chair, Quality of Life Rep. Jackie Young, Kailua, Hawaii

Co-Chair, Quality of Life Mrs. Mary Lou Austin, Atlanta, Ga.

Ex-Officio Executive Honorable Deborah R. Lee, Asst. Sec Def, Reserve Affairs

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